Akubueze Bible Study Question 10 | LEADERSHIP AND CORRUPTION

Proverbs 3:27 says: “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due when it is in your power to act.”

Question: Everybody is a leader. In the light of leadership–leaders and the led–how can the above verse be considered in the context of corruption? Please, give examples to illustrate your answers.

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  1. Desty Angel

    Hebrews 13:7 says ”Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith”. This means that before imitating any leader’s faith, the outcome of his/her way of life must be considered. In our world today, if you aren’t wealthy or connected to a well known wealthy man, u won’t be recognized.

    (eg) When I was seeking admission to the University, the aptitude test cut-off mark was 50 while I scored 55 but my name wasn’t short-listed. When I asked questions, I was told to pay 40k for what I merited while some students that were close to the V.C., Professors, Lecturers, etc. were given admission even without writing the aptitude test. In this case, one cannot imitate those leaders because the outcome of their way of life is favoritism which the Bible condemns in ”James 2:1-4”.

    Therefore, for the above verse to be considered in the context of corruption, you and I as leaders should love God because if we love Him, we will keep His commandments ”John 14:15”.

    1. Good points with a touch of experience and good use of Scripture. Yes, we are to imitate what is good and scriptural. The love of God helps prevent corruption of any kind, and also helps fight it. He who loves God keeps His command, and the command of God is to love others as self. Jesus said, “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you” (John 15:12). The one who loves his neighbor can not do him any harm—cheat, deceive, kill, steal, slander, etc. Thus, corruption is eradicated or at its lowest ebb. A godless society is a corrupt one already. Anything goes, anything can happen!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Desty Angel, and may the Lord God bless you

  2. As a leader when you are involved in nepotism in order to exercise your power as a leader, it is absolutely unlawful and it’s a sin. It was once told of the story of a brother who went for an interview in an oil company, after series of test, questions by the board members this brother was said to be much more qualified for the job based on merit as in his skills, vast experience in the oil sector and how knowledgeable he is. But interestingly, the interviewers never wanted to give him the job, they were trying to withhold it so they keep asking him if he has a letter from a minister or probably a senator, the boy answered yes the person that gave him an insight into this job thing is much greater than a minister or a senator. The board members look at each other in disbelief and say is this boy okay, so they ask again who is the person, the boy answered boldly and say the Lord God the creator of heaven and earth is the person. So they had no choice but to tell him to go that they will get back to him. Two weeks later he was given employment with an official car with a well-furnished house. The lesson here is if not for God, as a leader, we don’t need to withhold what will be a blessing to others all in the name of being corrupt. A leader must live a godly life, a life that is incorruptible. The bible says: trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

  3. Power to act, Good deeds, strict but humble and honesty e.t.c are qualities of a good leader… Everybody is a leader once he has people looking up to him. The verse above “Prov 3:27” supposed to be the way of a good leader but in the world of today it’s in extinction. Corruption is the rule of the day, even in small leadership office. I went to a small scale job interview which am sure 100% am qualified but my friend told me he is the one to be employed even without interview, i thought it was a joke later he was employed that’s when i found out his brother is the manager of the work place. He used his power to act to employ his brother. In my country Nigeria, ethnicity, tribalism rules in the leadership of today. Leaders use their power to act to withhold the good from those to whom it is due. Allocation money are mainly diverted to their pocket not minding about the people being led. Road construction, healthcare centres, water are not built for the led causing havoc to the society. The led don’t complain because he will not be heard.

    In our Universities a female who is sure of 1st class graduates with 2nd class lower because he refused to sleep with the lecturers. A leader who stole millions its being granted bailed while a common man is being jailed for nothing. Injustice in courts because he have the power to act. The led feels inferior because of the corrupt ways our leaders use their power to act. Therefore our leaders should lead by example. He must possess the qualities of a leader as i mentioned above. Favour the one’s qualified on merit. Do the work they were called Up to do not Unlawful acts, injustice e.t.c Prov 14:21 says If you want to be happy be kind to the poor; it is a sin to despise anyone. Every leader should not withhold the good to whom it is due with the power to act. Prov 14:31 if you oppress poor people, you insult God who made them… Every leader should meditate on Prov 3:27 and lay the foundation, when new leader arises he will step in his shoes and continue with the legacy he left and the world will be a better place.

  4. Gods says that He will show mercy on whom He wills. Secondly, He does not deal with us according to our sins. Thirdly, when you realize your sin and repent of all, He can forgive you and give you the desire of your heart beyond imagination.

    1. Yeah, God does forgive even those who are corrupt when they repent, that’s true. It’s good to have our desires met by God rather than via corrupt practices. Yes, God Can give us the desires of our hearts. Much thanks for sharing, Anita Useh. We are glad you participated.

  5. Being a leader he\she must live an exemplary life in other to be a good example to people around, and to avoid being used by the devil, in doing one evil thing or the other. Greediness in the life of a leader and the people been led can lead to corruption in the society

  6. The Bible verses in context to leaders and the led imply that we all have power in our own little way, be you an adult or a child, but the display of our goodness in times of need dictates it all. This power can be displayed across both natural and man-made attitudes and products.

    1. We all have power in our own little way” is very true. May God help us to use it well when the opportunity comes. Much thanks for sharing, Thomas Uwakwe. We are glad you participated.

  7. The Holy Bible in Matthew 22:21 commands us to give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God. Now in respect to the above verse; I take for instance Employment, I can boldly say that only a few employers offer employment to employees on merit, a large number of them employ based on favoritism. For example; one who studied Civil engineering goes to look for employment in a Construction company without being recommended by a top government official with 1st Class Upper in Academic Qualification may be employed yet he will be employed as a labourer, but another employee who graduated with a 2nd Class Lower comes and apply for that same job with recommendation from the Commissioner of works, I put it to you that the 2nd employee will be employed to work as the Site Manager/supervisor, here corruption sets in because the 1st employee merited that post of a Site Manager by Academic Qualification, yet he was working as a labourer because he had nobody to recommend him, therefore the employer is described as being “Corrupt” because he has withheld good from the first employee who deserved that position, even when he had the power to give the 1st employee his rightful place and played favoritism to suit the Commissioner’s Recommendation might be, so that he may get Mouth-watering contracts from the government through the Commissioner of Works.

    1. Your example was on point and your explanation very clear. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We are truly glad you partook in the conversation

  8. Good leadership is devoid of tribalism, self-centeredness, and nepotism. If you do you are withholding good to those whom it is due. Take a look at a situation where an interview is conducted. If the interviewer refuses to give the job to the most qualified but grants it to someone else as a result of tribe or bribe or any other crime, that is corruption playing out.

    1. Very pointed, Okeke “Good leadership is devoid of tribalism, self-centeredness, and nepotism.” Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We are truly glad you partook in the conversation

  9. Prov.14:31 says he that oppresseth the poor reproacheth his Maker… So whoever withholds what is good from the people who truly need them can be called a corrupt person. Be they our leaders, fathers, or even husbands and wives withholding what is due one another, may all be corrupt. This is my humble opinion.

    1. Agreed! whoever intentionally withholding another’s good is corrupt. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We are truly glad you partook in the conversation

  10. In my understanding, even in our own small community which is the family, we the children can also be leaders in one way or the other, for example, When daddy losses his job and mummy is a housewife and maybe among the children some know how to make hair, and others know how to make pap and sell or even some are good with children and can take up extra lesson for people and get paid, you see by so doing we help out in the family and our parents show their blessings upon us. It might look like little help to us but they know it’s from our hearts and this makes us–the led–leaders for some time and also a blessing to the household.

    1. Yes, Jennifer Emeka, children are leaders too, why not? They are leaders of tomorrow who start leading today in whatever capacity exposed to them. Don’t let anyone or yourself undermine your age, you too are a leader. You can start leading at home and school by being obedient, helpful, and industrious to parents and those around you, just as you mentioned. The Bible strongly calls you a leader. It says, “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity (1 Timothy 4:12). These are all areas where you can excel in leadership. Excel in speech, excel in love, excel in faith, excel in purity, and the good Lord shall bless you and your future. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We are truly glad you partook in the conversation

  11. Whoever undermines the authority of God is unrighteous, which is synonymous with corruption. A judge who perverts justice for personal gain, a police officer who oppresses the poor & defenseless for financial reasons, & even a pastor who prays or conducts deliverance for women who satisfy his sexual appetite are all corrupt. Such persons will certainly have a confrontation with the Holy Spirit.

  12. Jesus is a leader that leads by example, which is based on God’s principle. A leader must have the fear of God which is the beginning of wisdom. The flesh is weak but the spirit is willing.

    1. Amen! the fear of God sums it all. And hey! Jesus was truly a leader of example. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We are truly glad you partook in the conversation

  13. Corruption in this context is simply when you withhold to do good to them that deserve good and say (vs 28) go and come again, and morrow I will give; when thou hast it by thee.
    Meaning: be fair and just to all, avoid nepotism when you’re in a seat of authority.

    1. That’s right, Kinsley! You are on point too. It’s good to underscore the words “fair and nepotism.” Thanks for participating in the conversation.

  14. Romans 13:1 says every soul should be in subjection to superior authorities who are placed in their relative positions by God. One who with-holds obedience to leaders is contravening the authority of God. Similarly, a leader that fails to lead well by providing amenities, etc, is failing in their God-given responsibility. In the light of the foregoing, wives should eagerly submit themselves to husbands, husbands should honour their wives by tenderly loving, and providing for their needs. Children should honour their parents, & parents should care for them. Government authorities should ensure the protection of lives & properties of the citizenry who voted them into power & pay their taxes. The entire thing is reciprocal & hinges on the fear of God. For whoever ignores their responsibility, the Bible says, is trying to undermine the authority of God

  15. The truth is that God condemns an oppressor (a corrupt person) in James 2: 1-4. In most of our universities today, we can see sometimes that when a student write their screening test and a student scores high marks, some school management staff will sell their marks to people who have the money for admission. These are corrupt practices, thereby using your power as a leader to take away the good that is meant for another person.

    1. Yes, Any oppressor is corrupt, that’s true. Your take is quite interesting. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We are truly glad you partook in the conversation

  16. Those who have ruled our country diverted money meant for the people for their personal gains. We have pensioners who are dying for not being paid. The money meant for the purchase of arms to fight terrorism is been shared among the select few. All of these are corrupt practices.

  17. Often times, our leaders recognize the needs of the led but blatantly fail to meet them. They refuse to pay workers salary even when the money is available for the payment to be made. Take, for example, most of our leaders intentionally refuse to carter for the needs of the led but would want to buy their votes during elections (a clear indication that they had enough money for the welfare of the masses but intently denied them of their rights). After budgets are approved and the money is sent into our leaders’ account, they still withhold workers’ salaries, pensions, medical allowances, etc., by the end of the month, and this nonpayment, in most cases, piles up to several months and/or years.

    It is the power of our leaders to provide good roads, electricity, good hospitals, schools, etc., for the led, but it is a common occurrence/trend for our leaders to embezzle monies meant for such purposes thereby denying the led of good governance. In our societies, the poor are denied of justice, preferential treatment is given to people of the same nation or society, the naked are left unclothed, people are been oppressed, children are impoverished, no good education, people pay to be employed, some almost every job opportunity is at a cost, the masses wander like sheep oppressed for lack of a shepherd, all as a result of corruption and seeking of self-interest.

    Most leaders choose to focus on life after their tenure thereby depriving the masses of their due benefits. There have been cases of past leaders been probed by the EFCC but in most cases to no avail (also an indication that they were involved in corrupt practices). The result of corruption is visible and detrimental to the led as many people are living far below the poverty line, while a single person keeps on amassing wealth. Leadership, I believe, has no meaning when the interest of the led is always at stake and completely neglected due to the self-interest of our leaders.

  18. As leaders and ambassadors of Christ, there is something good and exceptional deposited in us by God. We should always rise against ungodliness which is rife in today’s society. And in the context of corruption-ridden Nigeria, we should not hesitate to condemn any form of ungodliness whether in our schools, places of work, market places, etc. By so doing, by the grace of God, we would help mould behaviours for better and change ungodly attitudes in our Nigeria. The corrupt, ungodly people in our society are actually the people who need this ‘good news’ and exhortation and we, therefore, should not hesitate to act or withhold the exhortation from them when and where necessary. It is their due to repent.

    1. “As leaders and ambassadors of Christ, there is something good and exceptional deposited in us by God.” So true. You’ve made a significant contribution and we thank you for that. Your answer has been chosen as one of the many great answers we have, Congratulations!!

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