Frequently Asked Questions On Bible Study

Frequently Asked Questions On Bible Study

1) Do I Have To Be A Member Of Your Church In Order To Study The Bible With Your Organization?


Not at all. You may come from any church anywhere in the world yet study the Bible with us. The only requirement, if I may say, is your passion and willingness to study God’s word.

2) Do You Imply That The Bible study Is Equally Opened To All Regardless Of One’s

General Background?

Yes, I think you heard me right. It is opened to all persons of all backgrounds. Gender, religion, race, and age are never a factor. Currently, we have those in the prison, in the hospitals, in various churches, of different religions and walks of life, and others without religion, all of whom are studying the Bible with us on a daily basis. So why do you wait?

3) Do I Have To Pay To Join The Community?

No, my dear. You don’t pay anything to join our community of Bible readers. It’s all for free. The only requirement is your passion and willingness to read the word. However, you can make donations to us if led by the Lord, it’s okay yet not coerced.

4) How Do I Subscribe To Joining The Community Then?

Just fill in this form here and send it to us, we shall do the rest to see you join our worldwide community. Be sure to read some articles on this subject found on the Bible devotion entry page. This will help you with the when, how & why studying the word of God–the Bible. Doing so makes your WILL much stronger and your passion refined. You may want to read more, please, click here!