A timeless reminder of seeking guidance

A timeless reminder of seeking guidance


Proverbs 20:18 talks about the wisdom of seeking advice and guidance when making plans or important decisions. It highlights the potential consequences of recklessness and the value of wise counsel. The act of “seeking advice” implies a deliberate effort to gather insights and perspectives beyond one’s own. It suggests humility and an acknowledgment of one’s limitations, recognizing that the input of others can lead to better-informed decisions.

One who takes advice has the ability to foresee danger and take precautions. While one who doesn’t make decisions blindly and bears the consequences (Proverbs 22:3). A biblical example that reflects this is in Exodus 18. Jethro’s advice for Moses to select men to help him handle disputes gave Moses the freedom to focus on leading the people. This example demonstrates the importance of seeking wise counsel.

The verse also draws an analogy between planning and warfare, indicating that both require careful strategy and consideration of potential outcomes. In a war, obtaining guidance is crucial for avoiding unnecessary casualties and achieving victory. Similarly, when making plans, seeking advice can prevent pitfalls and increase the likelihood of success.

This proverb serves as a timeless reminder to approach planning and decision-making with thoughtfulness and humility, recognizing that the collective wisdom of others can often lead to better outcomes than relying solely on one’s own understanding.

Therefore, it teaches us to plan appropriately by seeking advice and guidance from others especially when it comes to important decisions.  

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