It is far better and profitable to plan with God

What thing leads to profit or increase according to Proverbs 21:5?


The NIV version of this verse goes thus: The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty. (NIV)


From this verse, we see that when we plan, we are on a step to increase or profit. But just a minute, what exactly do we mean by “plans” or better still, “planning?”


The word, “plan” means “a set of intended actions, usually mutually related, through which one expects to achieve a goal.” Planning is the process of making these ‘intended actions.’


We can therefore see that if we desire increase, profit, or success, we must be people who make goals. Paul had a goal in mind, and so did Esther and even Jesus (Phil. 3:14, Jn. 10:10, Esth. 4:16). To this end, they all made plans that would enable them to achieve all these goals. In the end, we know about their success stories 

Plan carefully 

It is far better and profitable to plan with GodAnother version modifies what kind of planning we should engage in. It calls it, “careful planning.” This is to imply that one does not just plan for the sake of it, but due thought and reason must be applied in the process of making plans. 


When we plan ahead, it shows our preparedness for the future. The Bible says we should learn from the ants who gather their food in summer so they can have enough for winter. Only people who are foolish and have no vision do not plan (Prov. 30:24).

Work with plans

Now, making plans sometimes sounds scary to most people; especially when they consider the amount of thought and long time involved in the planning process. But it can be made easy when we break down long-term plans into simpler, more achievable short-term plans. 


Say, for example, even though you have a rough idea of what the future years have in store for you, you can make daily, weekly, or monthly plans and work with them. As you work with these plans, you will discover that you are more effective and efficient in managing resources like time, energy, money, and even relationships, thus leading to profit and increase in the end.

Stay focused 

The King James Version emphasizes the word, “thoughts” which tells us that even as we plan towards increase and success, our mindset should also be geared towards that direction. As we think in our heart, so are we (Prov. 23:7). So, the better we think, the better we become. And the better we become, the more increase and profit we enjoy.

Be diligent 

These thoughts and plans only lead to an increase in those who are diligent. So, if we make plans but sleep on them, then we should not expect any form of increase. Just as faith without works is unprofitable, plans without diligence are also unprofitable.

Invite God to the plan

Above all, it’s important to plan with God. When we make plans, we should surrender to God. For, the bible says in Prov.16.1 that, “To man belong the plans of the heart, but from the LORD comes the reply of the tongue.” Our surrender brings God to our calendar.

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