Are you a singer? A music maker? A praiser of God? Do you feel you are not given a chance to express your musical talents or singing abilities? Do you wonder why your music making talents seem not to evolve at all, be in kind of abeyance?

Our unique intention, at this time of the Christian calendar, is to help you see the chances you've got to stir up the gifts within you. And as you see these chances, don't give up that precious gift. Don't let it go for it is a seed that can never die unless you kill it. No, the pastor can't kill it, neither can the Christian neighbors. You are the only one who has got the full ability to cause it to grow and to cause it to die.

Understand and keep believing God has a purpose for giving you that gift. It takes an unswerving act of believing in one's God given abilities to see them come to pass. I must say here that believing is faith in action, else it is just dead (James 2:17). And how do you put your faith in action in this respect?

Well, here comes the first platform: YOUR PERSONAL WORSHIP ALTAR where you praise God in your private inner chambers. Use the God given gift for yourself and the Lord in the first place. This is a personal platform which involves the FOUR of you that every Christian has. (God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit all of whom are as personal as yourself). No kidding! Use your vocal power in your private prayer and worship sessions.  It talks of a personal relation with the Lord, yes. Minister to the Lord daily in songs. Praise him with the gift daily. Sing to Him in your bed, in your private prayer time etc.

You may be tired of praying--as talking to God--then it's a good time to rehearse the songs already written or one still in the making. There are some who've written many songs yet have no kind of release or are not heard at all by others. Oh! Blood washed singer or music maker, this is not a new story. It has been happening before. However, such a moment is quite the right time to go back to your song bank if you have any, or just the few songs you plan to sing about. And what do you do with them? You begin rehearsing them. Yes in that chaotic period of your career, keep rehearsing the songs you know you have. The very act of rehearsing one's songs is the use of the first platform you've got. In effect, this would help you discover another dimension of that musical career and consequently usher you into the purpose for which God gave you that gift. In any case, keep fanning that gift, do not neglect it (1 Timothy 4:14).

 It is easier, you know, to be a great singer in the face of the crowd encouraged by those you see. But it would be much better for you not to neglect or to start being the person God wants you to be in the absence of the crowd. This is faithfulness and calls for the deployment of the gift during private altar sessions with God. Let it be that you are that great singer of praise before the triune God and yourself, when none is watching at you. Praise Him in your private prayer life in a great way, with a great voice, and with a great song.

Be like that great biblical praiser called David who never let go his vision of leadership when brushed aside. He ministered to God as a great singer and played skillfully when none was present but God and himself. He began praising God skilfully, faithfully not publicly but privately. Before he could lead multitudes in the presence of God in praises, he had been a great praiser in the desert, the farms and bushy valleys (1 Samuel 16:18-19). Before his great presentations, he has learned how to praise God in the bad times, while on the run and threatened by death (Psalm 59:16-17; 1 Samuel 18:10, 19:9). Yet in all, he did not lose that vision of a great leader in praise of God.

Do not only desire to sing because someone decides to give you the microphone some day. The decision is God's and the timing is His not man's. Rather, desire to sing for God perfectly well in the absence of the crowd. In other words, your privacy is where faithfulness begins and where the gift can grow. It might seem insignificant or little to you. But with God we do not despise the time of little beginnings (Zechariah 4:10), for God always promotes you because He trusts you in the small matters (Luke 19:17). Yes, for the one who is faithful with the little will be faithful with the greater things as well (Luke 16:10). And God who sees what goes on in the cover (Matthew 6:5) is able and would make a way for you. He will set you in the presence of the great.

 The second platform is the GENERAL CONGREGATION ON THE CHURCH PEW. While some gifted singers might excuse, delay or hinder themselves from using their gifts to glorify God because they are not among the choir members, it is worth understanding that they are among the congregation in the church. The church pew is made up of the general body of believers who aspire to lift up Jesus alongside the choir too. Both the choir and those on the pew have similar praise objective and should do so with all of their might; with every thing within you, I mean. Notice that your gift to sing is within you. Like the choir singing with that glorious voice, sing to God in a glorious way from among the congregation. There's nothing wrong with that.

Yes, you are not in the choir; or maybe, there was what you may call prejudice, you know, having justified yourself, that you were better than those choir members but were not chosen. Thus, you backed down from singing; maybe, in reprisal you've become kind of cold or lukewarm in praising God during service. In other words, you have rebranded your praise attitudes. Someone who sees you among the crowd could hardly tell if you're a singer or not.

Phew! No child of God, this must not be the picture, not at all. Amen to be among your church choir, it's a platform that helps stir up the gift to sing. But glory be to God for having you among the congregation, beloved. Among the congregation you can sing as you want to; dance as you want to; inflate your vocal power just as you want to. I mean, you are the master of your gift there. It is a platform of great discovery. But this may not be the case when with the choir members performing. You may not have the freedom to exercise certain skills totally independently. You may be one among many lead vocals in which case you may have to sacrifice yours to carry on collectively. Some of your liberty may be forgone in order to attain the goal of the group. The goal is no more ''the my way issue'' but ''the our way issue.'' It becomes a collective goal very different from the individual interests and styles found among the congregation.

 Truly speaking, the choir members are usually limited to the select few, but not the best few anyway. The best singers are not those in the choirs. They could be good and gifted singers just as you are. But being in the choir does not make them better than you. You are the best of your kind. So while being in the choir is good, being within the pew is yet better.

 If you think the pastor did not give you a chance to sing in the choir, well, think about this too: he has given a second chance, a second platform, having you within the congregation. You can sing together with them. But this time you are the sole controller of everything that could make a great singer. Don't miss that unique chance. Use it fully, sing well in it; dance beautifully to God right there; praise God magnificently with that gift of yours right there on the church pew. It could be developed just there in the service. Yes, you’ve got the right to two platforms.

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