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Nicolas Weds


Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain (Psalm 127v1). Understanding the fact that marriage is the will of God, instituted by God, they both have decided to plan with God and make Him the head of their home. Both of them proudly announce to the world their wedlock which takes place on the 25 of June 2011, a year to be remembered.

Of course, what comes to the mind of the Belgians when the 9th of August 1980 is mentioned is that on this day in History, the Belgian constitution was revised. But in Palermo-Italy, on the 9th of August 1980, Nicolas Iraci was born to Mr. Elio Iraci and Mrs. Bernadette Desclin.

Yet, another date is bringing significance to Nicolas' life. The date of his wedding, June 25th 2011, with the one who is  the source of his many smiles, and whom he has come to crown as the queen of his heart. Marie-Laure is the one who caught his attention and with whom he longs to share his life as one.

The world came to know her as Marie-Laure Thys, born and bred in Tournai-Belgium.

on the 6th of September 1979, into the family of Mr. Thys Pierre as the father and Mrs. Nottebaert Martine as the mother.

Not only is her birthday a subject of praise to God but also the date of her marriage: 25 June 2011. It will linger on her mind as the moment she celebrated before God for giving her the man, her hero and the king of her heart.

The Bible says a wife is a favor from God. And of the husband who finds  that favor, as having found what is good (Proverbs 18v22;19v14).

We are grateful to God for them all. And also count on your supportive presence during their wedding.

 Their interview was conducted on the third floor of Boulevard Louis Mettewie in Brussels Sunday, June 5, 2011 at 13h: 30.

P.C.: Introduction--Hi couple! It would be nice to know your thoughts and opinions about the would be your experience, I mean the up-coming marriage between you Nicolas and Marie-Laure. So, just be calm and  cool to share your ideas in a relaxed manner and please, these questions are not mandatory questions to be answered correctly. The main goal is to guide our views about marriage in accordance with the views of God. Or to refocus our views of marriage so that they align with biblical views concerning marriage. Is that okay with you guys?


Nicolas: No problems, It's okay with me.

PC: Let's just start with What you think is called marriage, Nicolas?

Nicolas: I think that marriage is the lifelong union between two persons involving a man and a woman.

PC:  Nicolas, The Bible tells us that marriage is an institution created by God between a man and a woman, like you just mentioned (Genesis 2:24). But do you think that God has changed His mind or opinion about marriage?

Nicolas: ...If God has changed His mind...how do you mean?

PC: Well, Like some people, who do not consider the position of God, say that the world has changed and things have changed with it including marriage too. They consider only the aspect of love in marriage and not the gender or sex involved.  This therefore, means that the marriage between a woman and another woman or a man with another man who love themselves is acceptable to God. Since the Bible tells us that God does not change (Malachi 3:6), and His Word too abides forever (1 Peter 1:25), do you, therefore, think that God has changed His opinion concerning marriage over the years?

Nicolas: Well, the world has truly changed, and certain things have changed with it over the years of course, but I think, perhaps, that God accepts the marriage done in love and truth, but about the sex or the gender involved, I'm not 100 percent sure if His view of marriage has changed on that. Well, as you just said that His Word does not change, then His view of marriage is His word as well which has not changed.

PC: I like your analogy and I will make the conclusion again since His Word hasn't changed, His idea of a man and woman marriage has not changed over the years. It's still the same Gender expectation that God has for all time concerning marriage. That is why, you, Nicolas had not wanted to marry a man but a woman, which is natural. May God bless you. To Him be the glory.


Nicolas: Thanks you.

PC: Would you still love your wife, even when she hurts you?

Nicolas: Yes, of course! I would.

P.C.: Why?

Nicolas: In marriage, if we love each other, we should always forgive. It takes love to forgive. I will forgive my wife Marie-Laure if she hurts me because I love her. But I don't wanna think about that and don't hope for such.

PC: Would you love your wife to the point of death?

Nicolas: Yes, until death do us part.

P.C.: And you, Marie?

Marie-Laure: Yes

PC: How many times do you think it's right to fight at home or to hit your wife?

Nicolas: I will never, never think of beating or hitting my wife. I will never beat her because I love her.

P.C.: Would you cheat on her? Perhaps doing it in hiding?

Nicolas: No, that is neither my position nor my belief. I will not cheat on her.

PC: How would you wish to solve problems with her?

Nicolas:  In dialogue Especially, to have good communication with her at all times is something to look forward.

PC: How many times would you forgive her if she hurts you?

Nicolas: I will always forgive her without counting. However, forgiveness is to birth a better understanding which would avoid the need to be forgiven again. We are forgiven because we regret what we did and don't wanna do it again.

PC: To forgive is human which has to do with both sides, and you my sister Marie-Laure, would you forgive him even if it hurts?

Marie-Laure: Yes

PC: Do you aspire for divorce at any time in this marriage?

Nicolas: I do not aspire for divorce at any point in time.

PC: Eem, maybe I should rephrase the sentence like this. Before considering divorce, what kind of effort can you make to avoid divorce?

Nicolas: I would do anything, I will exhaust all efforts there is to save my love. And the Bible also gives us the moral support and power to solve such problem without having any thought about divorce.

P.C.: Do you believe in biblical counselling?

Nicolas: Yes yes, I do.

PC: Would you like to raise children with your wife or you alone?

Nicolas: With My wife of course.

PC: What can you do to keep God at the center of your marriage?

Nicolas: Mm! Prayer, to pray to God always. Go to church ... the Bible ... well as you said the Bible's advice is something to be desired to have near us at home.

PC: And if we suggest you read the Bible every day at home, what do you think about that?

Nicolas: That is a nice thing to do.

 PC: Actually, to keep the family close to God, the practice of reading the Bible from day to day is required at home. It's a command of God. I wish you would do so, and may God give you the courage to do so.


Nicolas: Thank you, man of God.

 PC: Do you think the Bible is the Word of God speaking to people in general?

Nicolas: Yes.

 PC: Do you think the Bible has the ability to conserve, protect and bless your marriage?

Nicolas: Yes, I do

PC: Would you be pleased to be guided by the Word of God in your marriage?

Nicolas: Yes. Of course!

 P.C.: Regarding your wife. Would you love and protect her until death do separate you?

 Nicolas: Yes. I'd love her and protect her always.

PC: And you also Marie-Laure, Would you love your husband, respect him and protect him until death do you part?

Marie-Laure: Yes

P.C.; Thanks to you all. We have come to the end of the interview. And I think that you have chosen and decided to get married in the camp of God. And may God Himself who is the creator of marital institution, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the good Father, the Father of all mercy and the God who comforts us in all situations, strengthen you in every way to remain together so that you shall be there on the Lord's day together as husband and wife. May God bless you and be glorified in your marital lives.



Terrorism is never the will of God because God is never pleased with the killing or death of anybody (John 3:16, Ezekiel 18:32). We say “No” to terror in all its forms.