Jesus Encountered In The Hospital Room

The name of Jesus is not limited to time and space. That name, Jesus, is not a respecter of persons either. That name does not honor one person more than the other. Not at all.

He loves the Pope equally as well as He loves the prison inmates. The same amount of blood that He shed on the cross to redeem the great evangelists is the same amount He did for the yet lost souls. He loves the sick equally as much as He loves those in the church. Because you are sick does not imply that Jesus loves you any less or has forgotten about you.

The power of His word, His Spirit, and His presence have been real in the churches as well as in the hospitals and wherever in the world people are sincerely calling on the Lord's name.

Our Lord heals the sick and still heals by the simple act of faith on the part of the sick.

On one of my visits in a university teaching hospital in the European Capital city, Brussels, in the kingdom of Belgium. I had a small gathering of people and was leading them in prayer when a lady in her twenties came in and stood by.

She wanted to talk to me about her experience the night before. So I invited her to join us in prayers. She began praying in tongues with such an excitement that I sensed there could be a story behind the experience. And of course, there was a story, but the story I heard wasn't quite the kind I had in mind.

This lady has had a spiritual encounter with the Lord in the private of her room. An unusual one. The kind that usually comes to the hearts that inwardly burn and cry to know Jesus just within the frame of their little understanding. Maybe, you know the kind I am referring to.

Actually, she was scheduled for death via a long road but she had already designed her short cut to death, silently and personally. What are you talking about brother?

I’m saying that she was hospitalized because she was sick generally--a little bit of this, a little bit of that. But after some tests were done, she was told that she had been suffering from AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). That was the long road to death.

Usually the victims of AIDS used to face what we call ''FD'' meaning "First depressions." This is the initial morale breakdown that a patient experiences when told that he or she is a victim.

You may, and that is normal sometimes, have a depressive moment in life more often, of course. But the ''FDs" are quite unusual in that the patients, hearing for the very first time that they have AIDS, may not handle the shock properly, and if there's none to assist them psychologically, the consequences may be fatal. At this point many just think of committing suicide.

Some people do cope with it quite easily but some don't. Some are not just willing to think properly at all. The fact that they may not be accepted into the society as normal citizens, coupled with the idea of how they think that others might perceive them, bring a notably sharp decline in their morale.

In some cases, most of the FDs lie within the social strata. A result or continued result of how people actually isolate the victims because of various reasons. And to tell you the truth, some of these victims could be much healthier than they really are at times if it weren't of people's judgmental behaviors toward them.

AIDS was her first death sentence. But there was a second one too. She had personally planned to commit suicide in the night before, in order to keep the news of her medical report secret from who knows whom. Maybe, to die with a clean bill of reputation, as some young adults may reason. That was her short cut to death. Nobody knew this but herself and the Lord. We wouldn't have known if she didn't tell us.

But how would she accomplish this? You know, some victims abuse drugs just to sleep off silently. Some may use organized medical accidents to die (this is an intentional removal of any supporting tubes into the body from the body by the patient without the knowledge of any medical official present). However, that of this lady was quite wild.

Although she had planned to commit suicide, she had a painful plan in heart. What was it, brother? She had wanted to fall off her window from the eighth floor unto the….

Such an idea couldn’t have come from a sane mind, could it? It resembled everything but sanity. It was a perfect description of what satan can do. It looked like satan, it felt like satan and smelt like the devil. Remember that Jesus calls satan the thief, and tells us that satan comes ONLY to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). What a description!

While waiting for the night to come for her to carry out her plan, a thought came to her mind. A thought about Jesus. She has heard about Jesus from a sick friend few rooms away from hers. This friend had just mentioned of a Jesus that ''Pastor preaches'' and that pastor used to come around for consultation.

I believe she must have thought that to wait for pastor to come the next day would be too late. "This is my last night." But she did not know that there was someone closer than pastor was--Jesus Christ.

And it doesn't take pastor's presence for one to meet Jesus. You can meet Jesus just where you are right now and in whatever situation you may find yourself. All you need is faith not someone's presence, but faith in Jesus Christ, dear reader.

So far as she was sincerely seeking for that Jesus which pastor preached, she did not need my presence at all. The great Pastor of all time--JESUS--who knows every heart, was easily accessible, and available for her by faith.

But her friend didn't tell her much about Jesus than the truth that JESUS HEALS. That was all: JESUS HEALS. But I think that was all she needed to know as of then. And this Jesus seemed to dominate her thoughts by the seconds.

She had never known Jesus personally as Lord and Savior of her life. She had never been to church, so never been a Christian. The Jesus she had seen or known in life was on a cross of the catholic rosary. And now she heard of Him, not as the Jesus on the cross but as the Jesus who heals. Hmmm....

But the thought kept growing within her, giving her an ever increasing assurance that Jesus does heal. I think, I know what that means, that's faith. It is the assurance of something hoped for, the external proof of something not seen, the conviction of a desire which the hands cannot literally hold on because it can't bring about it, but somehow, expresses its willingness to receive it if it does truly exist as it believes it does (Hebrew 11:1).

And also that faith is a gift of God (Ephesians 2:8). At times the Lord helps people here who know nothing about Him to come to Him and to receive from Him.

Biblically speaking, this faith has a spark. The word usually sparks this faith (Romans 10:17). It could be a deeper knowledge of God and what He does. Or just a whisper of that name JESUS which can birth faith.

There's a kind of faith which seems to stir you from within and which could be externally felt too. This faith could be perceived by any man or woman of God present there. Just as it was in the case of the crippled man and Apostle Paul (Acts 14:8-10). The Bible says the sick man listened to Paul as he was speaking. And Paul also perceived that this man had the faith to be healed. The faith which stirred this guy up was perceived externally by the man of God in the Spirit. Well, I wasn't present at the time of this event, but as I heard it, I knew without doubt what it was.

So the thought lingered, and lingered on her mind as she was waiting for her hour to put an end to it all. “The Jesus on the cross heals?” She thought to herself. “How could this be?” And that thought lingered on.

She was at the border of life and death. On her mind were two thoughts: that of death on the one hand, and on the other hand was that of the name of Jesus which dominated her every thought. And she had settled for death no matter what it took. It is hard to really say this, but she was very bold to die.

Suddenly, suddenly, I said suddenly because if you saw how she described it, you would know it happened quicker than her mind could recollect. But the impact or impacts are always seen and felt.

Whenever Jesus passes by, there is a trace somehow in that life which could testify of His presence. The impact is always a life changing and enduring one. Please, beloved in the Lord, whenever Jesus is coming your way in any form, literally tell Him to leave behind a notable trace in your life; to make an impact in your life.

This lady knew nothing of Jesus but she felt a presence. She couldn't describe it, yes it is at times beyond description--the presence of Jesus--yet it leaves a remarkable life memory behind.

There suddenly came a flush of peace that went down her body quietening her whole being. It seemed to have absorbed all of the depressive pressure, leaving an indescribably peaceful atmosphere within her. She had a sense of freedom, as one truly set free. For she just felt’s inexplicable, just different. She was so joyful in a different way, so peaceful in a different way, she just felt different, that she had no sin left in her, that she could be with God even at that time...different!

No, she had never felt or been in this “different state” before and had never hoped to be in one. If at all she had any such hope, that was at the wrong moment and place--the hospital. To her, the hospital was the end of it all. But it became the beginning of another life caused by Jesus.

But then, a warm wave-like movement hit her and ran through her from head to the legs. She became so strong that she rose to her feet with hands toward heaven, speaking in tongues aloud in the middle of her dark room.

She, who had never been to the church, who taught her how to worship with uplifted hands? How to speak in tongues? JESUS DID by His Spirit.

She also sensed that she was healed from AIDS, having felt the way she felt. And she was truly restored to perfect health.

In addition, she was a brand new child of God, a new person with the life of God and full of peace in her, filled with the Holy Spirit and speaks in Tongues. All of these--freedom, healing, salvation, tongues speaking--amazed her and many others who found strength to follow the Lord. Some found strength to pray loudly, lovingly and respectfully but with boldness. Some found tolerance to hear loud noises in the name of prayer and not be hurt or disturbed. What an amazingly gracious favor of God. To Him be all the glory.

But let’s ask the right question. What brought about all of these blessings? It wasn't the pastor but the word about Jesus Christ and what He does now, today. At the whisper of that name Jesus, faith could be birthed and nurtured to accomplish mighty deeds just as the faith of this lady did.

You may not know Jesus much, never been to church but are sick or are in need of Jesus deeply and sincerely. I assure you, it could be your day now, today.

Do not belittle yourself, Jesus does not respect any age group, any gender, or profession over another. Rather He honors but your faith, your sincere cry to know His power, see His works, experience His touch. That's all.

Just desire Jesus from within your heart. In that sick condition of yours, thirst for that name, call that name more and more and more, let that name saturate your soul--JESUS, JESUS, JESUS.

You see, the name of Jesus is rightly a name but more than a name. That name is packed with everything you will ever need to live on this earth and the one to come.

That name itself is the Word of God. Faith comes by hearing the Word and the Word is of God (Romans 1:17). Faith also comes by hearing the name of JESUS; believing in the name of JESUS; honoring the name of JESUS without having read the Bible for one single day. That simple? Yes it is!

Please don’t get me wrong, for the name of Jesus does not replace the Bible. And reading the Bible is a godly and compulsory practice to the Christians. Reading the Word is good and all Christians should. But most of the time, God gives the gift of saving faith to sinners because of what they heard of God and saw God do than of what they actually read in the Bible.

In short, more than 70% are born again because of the word preached to them than that which they actually read from the Bible. And if any word is preached to anyone as a means to salvation without the word "Jesus" mentioned or spoken of as the life saver, life giver and sin taker, that salvation calls for doubts. For NO salvation is true without the name of JESUS Christ. It is the name given unto men by which they may be saved (Acts 4:12).

This lady didn't even know my name. But she knew the name of Jesus. She didn't call my name, did she? But she called the name of Jesus. The name of Jesus is above all other names (Philippians 2:9). Before this name all knees shall bow.

All what she needed was loaded in that name JESUS, think of that for a moment! She needed freedom from a depressive past and Jesus does set free (John 8:36), and gave her one. She was set free indeed.

She needed healing. JESUS does HEAL (Acts 3:16), and gave her one. She was totally healed from the effects of AIDS.

She needed peace and JESUS IS PEACE (Ephesians 2:14), and gave her peace. She received a well of peace within herself.

She needed life and JESUS IS LIFE (John 10:10; 14:6). She was given a renewed, physically strong and healthy life.

She needed spiritual redemption and JESUS REDEEMS (John 3:16; 2 Cor 5:17). And she was saved as a child of God with the life of God in her.

She needed to be filled by the Spirit and with delight JESUS FILLS WITH THE SPIRIT (John 7:38; Luke 11:13). And she was filled with the Holy Ghost and given utterances.

She needed a new purpose to life, JESUS GAVE HER MEANING TO LIFE, A CAUSE TO LIVE FOR. For it is in Jesus that all things hold together (Colossians 1:17). It's in Jesus that life makes sense. For in Him we live and move and have our being (Acts 17:28). The name of Jesus is powerful and greater than any other name. Before the name of Jesus shall all other names submit. They shall bow the Bible tells us.

Now, please open your ears very carefully to what I am about to say: any sickness you know on the face of the earth has a name, and to be very simple, call the sickness by its name. Yes, do your very best to name that sickness, and having done so, take it to the name of Jesus. At the presence of the two names, one shall bow, one shall submit. And guess what? The sickness shall bow. Amen. That’s what the Bible says. Just believe it and stay believing.

You may be reading this in the prison center, from you prison walls. It may be your time to experience Jesus' presence there with you. He is right there within those walls yet He is not limited to them.

Are you sick in the hospital? On a sick bed? Jesus could be very real to you, beloved. You don't need any pastor's help than focusing on the Lord Jesus. Jesus is right there with you. The answer to all of your problems.

You may be sick reading this at the comfort of your home, wherever it may be, I pray that the name above all other names, the name of Jesus minister to your situation right now in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Let that name be real to you, in your life. Ask the Lord Jesus to be real to you, to reveal Himself to you in the light of your little understanding of Him. One thing I love about Jesus is that He likes to stoop down. I mean, He comes to your level. He speaks your language. Jesus is not too spiritual to avoid the seeker. He goes out for them. He will not reject you, even if you’ve committed a thousand sins. Thank God that sin has a name too but the name of Jesus is greater than all names.

Reach out to Jesus from where you are right now and just the way you are now. Don’t put on a mask. Jesus understands that your sick condition has hampered your ability to always be by the Bible, His word. He understands that your medication posed a big hindrance to understand even if you read the Bible.

At times you can't just read the word, yet in the deep of your spirit you long for Jesus. Then ask Him to reveal His gentle self in a simple way that you could understand; to touch you that you may know “this is what the Lord has done” ; that you may know, “this is the impact of Jesus.” Ask Him to leave a trace of His presence behind. Desire HIM.

All of you who are sick, please, this is your unique moment to get that name of Jesus to be real to you and work for. Just lift up your hands and begin to call on that name JESUS with your problems on your mind; and continue to worship the Lord in that manner.

May the God of all mercy truly show you mercy. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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