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Support On Diabetes, Pevention And Cure

Diabetes Problem 1/Counsel 1, 2, 3 & 4

Hi Pastor, I was told by my medical doctor that I have diabetes and that I need to check and control my blood sugar level. What exactly is Diabetes? How risky can it be to a person? And what biblical support can one get to avoid certain complications?

Hi beloved child of God, whatever we shall inform you as regarding your situation would be just aids to help you find solutions. But the best thing, however, is to constantly keep in touch with your medical doctor and follow his orders.

 That being said, you should understand that Diabetes is a very serious illness that can cause death if ignored but it's not so life threatening as to cause panic for fear of death. Someone with diabetes, kept under control, can live a healthy life like any other person. Our counsel to you is to draw your attention to the fact that you must not ignore it.

You've asked a four-part question concerning Diabetes, of which we are delighted to provide counsels to you on four different segments: The Definition, The Risks, The Control, and The Biblical support there is.

                                                                         DC1: THE DEFINITION

To proceed, let us make this conclusion to help define it.

All the food you eat is converted into sugar in the blood which gets to the cells providing energy for your day to day affairs. A condition where the sugar from the food eaten couldn't get to the cells is called Diabetes. When this happens, it stays in the blood instead and increases the blood sugar level. Let's give some simple explanations.

You know that your body changes most of the food you eat into glucose which is a form of sugar. This glucose or, let's call it, sugar, needs to get into your inner cells to give you energy. But it can't do so alone. It needs the help of Insulin. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas in your body that allows glucose to enter all the cells of your body and be used up as energy.

Diabetes is a condition, a disease that occurs when a person’s body doesn’t make enough insulin or can’t use insulin properly. When you have diabetes, the sugar builds up in your blood instead of moving into the cells. Some, but not all, of the excess sugar is carried out of your body (through urine), and that is wasted energy.

There are two types of diabetes. Type 1 occurs when the body doesn’t produce any insulin at all. The type 2 diabetes is a situation that there's either not enough insulin production or the cells in the body ignore the insulin. About 95% of people with diabetes have type 2. Whatever your type, know that you are not alone and there's a solution to it.

                                                                              DC2: THE RISK

 Yes it can be risky, like I said, when ignored. Diabetes can be a dangerous and life-threatening disease if you don’t control your blood sugar level or do something about it.

 Over time, high blood sugar levels can damage your eyes, blood vessels, nerves and kidneys. Causing blindness, heart and kidney diseases.  Damage to your nerves can lead to foot sores, walking difficulties, problems with digestion and impotence. Damage to your blood vessels increases your risk of heart attack and stroke.

  However, the good news is always the fact that many of these problems can be delayed or prevented with treatment. In other words, you can do something to control it and lead a normal life.



The goal of diabetes control or treatment is to keep your blood sugar level as close to normal as possible. That's the bottom line. But it shouldn't be too high (called hyperglycemia) nor too low (called hypoglycemia).

To do so, the following steps could be helpful:

1. You've to keep to a healthy diet.

 This may mean you’ll need to change your diet to those foodstuffs that are of a normal sugar and less calory content. You may consider eating fibre rich diet. You may consider eating at regular periods of day to keep the sugar level within same level. You may consider eating even less amount of food without starving yourself. All these will help keep the sugar level at normal.

2. You'll have to do regular exercises.

  Doing exercise as a habit helps to burn out fat and sugar found in the blood thus reducing excess of it. Good exercise of your choice is way too far to controlling diabetes.

3. You’ll have to watch your weight.

  Watching your weight is a good practice as some people put on more weight without being aware of it. Weight loss keeps your blood sugar level as normal as possible.

Exercise and food are to be highly considered if this goal would make any sense. See your doctor, if you're unsure as to what exactly to eat and how, he will talk to you about the ways and kinds of food you should eat and how much exercise you’ll need every week.

4. You'll have to regularly check your blood sugar.

This is a key to help you control it. Blood sugar checks can help you see how food, exercise and insulin or medicine affects your level. Checking your blood sugar also allows you and your doctor to change your treatment plan if needed.

5. You'll have to consider Insulin or medicine

Sometimes diet and exercise alone can’t keep your blood sugar at a normal level. Then your doctor will talk to you about other treatments, such as medicine or insulin. Our greatest advice to you is to keep in touch with your doctor or health officials constantly.



While we shall comment on this segment of your question, It should be noted that our ultimate reference is your doctor who oversees your case. Go to him/her for help at any time you need help and please follow their instructions carefully.

1. The God of science

 The treatment of Diabetes is the product of science. For science basically means knowledge. So Let's refer to doctors as those who bring about healing by means of knowledge, alright!. Never in the Bible are we admonished to ignore treatments to illnesses, diseases or medical science.

Our God is the God of science, the God of knowledge. He is an Omniscient God, the all knowing God. Without Him nothing known makes any sense (John 1:3). For He is the beginning and the end to sense (Isaiah 41:4, 44:6, Rev 1:17), the sole one in whom all things make sense (Colossians 1:17).


Thus, God who created medical science that helps the world today, hasn't ruled out getting help from our medical doctors.

Do you remember how God specifically advised His prophet Elijah to heal the King of Judah (Isaiah 38:21)? It was a preparation of  poultice of fig and its application to the boils that brought about the healing. And who spoke to the prophet about what to do to this cancer stricken leprous king's condition?  It was God Himself not man.

Of course, this knowledge could've taken a longer time for man to understand the healing power that lies under the right chemical proportion and combination. But to God, it was instant because He is the God and Chief doctor of doctors.

This is medical science in pure divine demonstration. If the God of science could bring about healing through applied medicines, why would you dare to reject medical assistance when you need it?

Okay, let us ask you another question: Was the healing a display of God weakness? No. Impotence? No. That miracles are not for today? Absolutely not.

His choice of healing actually complements medical science as it demonstrates His diverse abilities to heal diverse conditions.  So while direct divine intervention is glorious, God also has committed to man the knowledge to search, to discover and to create what could be useful for man's healing and health-comfort in times of need. That too is medical science. Your acknowledgement and acceptance of it is accepting what God has created and given unto you.

2. The God who's against Gluttony

 Everything is permissible for you, the bible says, but not all is beneficial to you (1 Corinthians 5:12). In other words, whatever action you can call good may be harmful to you instead. You may be feeding the body thinking you're doing something good for the body while it results to harming the body rather. Overfeeding can be dangerous to a diabetes patient and even not a good habit to any healthy individual.

The Bible goes on to say that although all is permissible, one shouldn't be mastered by any of them. Imagine how it can be when food has mastery over your life? The body isn't made for food but for the Lord (6:14). Infact, the kingdom of God is not a matter of food and drinks (Romans 14:17). There are several scriptures in the Bible that God warned His people not to eat too much. Overfeeding is called gluttony and biblically sinful, of course. In the context of your situation, if you honor this rule, you will help keep your body sugar level in control and your body in good shape and health.

3. The God who encourages Fasting and Prayers

The Bible also encourages fasting and prayers which are spiritually healthy for the believer of christ and good for the physical body as well. Your constant fasting and prayers will help reduce sugar intake, use excess sugar in the blood, help eliminate waste in the body, help with the loss of weight, and increase your faith and knowledge of God. These all help in keeping the blood sugar level at normal.

Please, it must not be misunderstood here, for fasting isn't starvation, and there are different types and ways of fasting that people can always choose from any method which is good for them. In any case if unsure, consult your Pastor or spiritual leader or medical doctor or official. They would advise you on how to do it with your case in mind.

 4. The God who heals by Faith

  Faith healing also works. We have seen those who have been healed by God's divine power without any help from human sciences. In most cases, science couldn't provide a solution to their cases. We have even seen those who died for several days brought to life by God.

But to be candid, we could only talk to you in regard to stirring up your faith. But the action of faith is not for us to do for you. It's a personal issue. Only God sees the heart. It's up to you and your faith in receiving from God. We don't want to be presumptuous about God healing you. However, God heals by faith, we believe it and that is in the Bible too.

If you believe in God's power to heal you well, that's great. To check about this option, you may need help from your pastor who will pray for you the prayer of faith and shall anoint you with oil as the Bible says (James 5:14).

Also there's the prayer offered by faith which can make a sick person well. Meaning your faith can make you heal independent of the church leaders (James 5:15). Many have received their healings within the confines of Bible believing faith-Healing crusades and schools. But again, it all centers on a personal issue called Faith. And this we cannot foresee it on your behalf.

We hope that the above could help you see a solution to your problem, and pray that the mercy of the living God rests upon you and your loved ones. Whenever you feel unsure about your condition, see your medical doctor. God bless you.

Rev PC Akubueze & Team



Terrorism is never the will of God because God is never pleased with the killing or death of anybody (John 3:16, Ezekiel 18:32). We say “No” to terror in all its forms.