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Disclaimer: God reserves the right to change, withhold or withdraw His hand from any form of blessings or judgment, pending the repentance of the individual, people, or nations concerned. See Jonah 3: 5-10; Exodus 32: 14; Jeremiah 18: 7-11; Amos 7: 3-6; II Kings 20: 1-11 and I Corinthians 13: 9.


In some cases, God’s intents are final, for He does whatever He pleases (Psalm 135: 6). He changes times and seasons (Acts 17:26b). He removes kings and raises up kings (Daniel 1:20-23, Proverbs 21:1).


In other cases, one is better equipped, prepared to go through the difficulties strong, and with less stress, bear the loss or pain brought about as a result of the situation predicted.


In most cases, prayer determines the fulfilment or non fulfilment of prophecies. Prayer can move the hands of God or change the hands of God. Take note of these biblical phrases: “With God ALL THINGS are possible” (Matthew 19:26), and “NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE with God (Luke 1:37). But also remember that no one deals with God without PRAYER. Some predictions could be averted, changed, modified by God because somebody prayed about it.





We thank God for Nigeria that has endured so many tests and trials. 2014 has taken Nigeria through a harsh, acrimonious and unaesthetic political war of words. Over the years, Nigeria has shown that God had never abandoned her as she has always come out of her crises strong and well. 2015 is yet another moment that adds to that list....


Each vote is powerful, but the power of a vote is limited to time. Time being the duration or term served by the elected. When the electees put officials into office, they have made a collective expression of will to be served by these officials within the timeframe specified by the constitution or so.


The Nigerian voters deserve the full-time services of those voted into office. Division within a body that stands as one, is not only unbefitting for those in office, but also, it robs the voters of their time and right to a proper and beneficial service, hijacks national interests and eventually slows and stagnates the nation's progress. In addition, it prevents the favor of God to work for the good of the nation. God is love (1 John 4:8), and whenever there’s the spirit of hatred and division, God hardly manifests in that midst.


We pray for a united and one Nigeria, strong in love and compassion, living in peace and harmony with one another. A blood-washed Nigeria free from the influence of the powers of darkness. A terror-free Nigeria whose leaders' shared national interests far outweigh the dividing walls of political and religious animosity and hostility.


Within the family of nations, God has a purpose for Nigeria. Nigeria is gifted with many sagacious politicians and leaders in varied disciplines. To rally behind the president as a team for a collective engagement, and administration of what is good for all Nigerians in the long run, and for Nigeria as a nation within the family of nations, will be a perspicacious judgment.


Boko Haram isn’t a real threat to the stability, peace and unity of Nigeria. I see that “Sect” belonging to history. God is in control of Nigeria. We cover the nation and all its leaders with the blood of Jesus.





  (Excerpt, Prophetic Word, ©  PC Akubueze 2015)






There's a mighty wind, a wind of tests and trials blowing across nations. It will impact ministries and will affect ministries. Some would dry up. Some would slim down. Some would shut down. But some would endure and increase. These are those who are sure of their callings. These are those who walk in holiness. These are those who walk in My Word. They shall endure for they walk by faith and are firm in the Lord their God. It takes walking by faith to go through the wind with victory. You might see nothing or sense nothing but keep on walking because of what you believed. It takes walking by faith to go through the wind with victory. Keep on advancing, despite the difficulties. That's the walk of faith. Don't expect to be appreciated by loved ones. Don't believe in their praises. Don't let the words of men determine your actions of faith. Keep on advancing, even if you're not welcomed. Keep on advancing, even if you are not well spoken of. Keep on advancing, whether people like it or not, keep moving and moving and moving forward. That is the walk of faith. Only those who walk by faith shall endure in the Land.


  (Excerpt, Prophetic Word, ©  PC Akubueze 2012)









 (Ongoing Prophetic message to the general body of Christ)




“Expectation! Expectation! Expectation! Expectation is growing higher in the land, but what are they expecting? My coming? My visitation? Spiritual Revival? My plans or theirs?


God is a God of expectation. He creates expectation in the hearts of people. Amos 3:7 says God does nothing without first revealing His plans to His prophets. When His plans are revealed, expectation is birthed. Expectation is, thus, a child of the Word of God. Jesus Christ never came until He was expected. And Jesus Christ always comes because He is expected. I, the Lord, am coming soon, even sooner than you think.


Expectation is growing higher in the land, but what gave birth to such expectation? Did it come from My Word?


The expectation of many shall fail because they find no origin in me. They are of human origin. They expect divine results but walk in human ways. The only expectation that wouldn't fail is that which is sourced from me. That which I, the Lord, have given birth to. I only come to fulfill that which I have spoken.


My Word always causes one to expect. Expectation is birthed when I speak. I Am The Word (John 1:1). Expect because I have spoken. And let your expectation be met by My Word spoken to you. Center your expectation on Jesus Christ. Let Jesus meet your need. Are you expecting because you heard from me? Are you expecting the fulfillment of My Word in your spirit? Are you expecting me to fulfill My Word spoken to you? I only come to fulfill, and I am coming. I will touch lives. I will touch ministries. I will touch governments like never before. Nations shall know of my power in THESE LAST DAYS.


I am raising a new generation of my servants IN THESE LAST DAYS who would care for My people and uphold My Cause and Purpose before men. They shall walk in true holiness and shall fear My Name. They shall neither esteem the things of the earth nor their personal lives over My purpose and shall go the extra mile to get My work done on the face of the earth. These I will anoint with a fresh and new anointing never before known on this earth. For My power is changing; My Glory is changing; My Glory cannot remain the same for every generation. It must move from Glory to Glory.


A new anointing is coming in My Church. A Glory never before seen or known. A Glory carried by a select few. A Glory that would go with those who walk with me in true holiness. A Glory that would get My Job done. My Glory, My Glory shall not remain constant in every generation.


But judgment shall begin in My House, the Church. A wind has begun, mighty it is, blowing across nations. A wind of tests, trials and tribulations which will sweep, refine, impact and affect ministries. Don't do the works you wanna do for me but do them because I told you to do so. Do them because you heard from me. Judgment shall begin in My House and every work that I have not planted shall be uprooted in the coming days. They shall not endure the test of time.


Spiritual pirating is a problem in the Church. My House is full of plagiarism, people copying from others as supposedly coming from me but they never heard from me and some I don't even know, I never sent them, yet, they claim they are My servants and have heard from Me.


I, the Lord, never change and so is My Word. I speak truth and My Word stands forever. Whatever you've heard from me that shall you say and do for me. That shall I sustain. Don't be too busy but never effective. Many are too busy for service but never get into the ministries which I have for them, in the first place. You may live and die in service but never have served Me. You may live and die doing religious activities, but never truly serving Me. You may live and die in ministry, but never enter in the ministry I have ordained and called you to.


For those I have called, get back to the position, to the calling that I had ordained for you. For my army must match and to match forward, each soldier must maintain its position as they match ahead together. Stay in your calling and don't drift from it; don't copy from one another and don't strive to be like the crowd, rather be the person that I uniquely made and called to serve me.


Reposition yourself if you wanna see my coming, my power, my anointing in your life. I cannot sustain what I never created, I cannot anoint what I never commissioned and I cannot make provision for dreams and visions that have no roots in me. Reposition yourself for possession.


There are some who pray for changes but they can't see open doors before them because of disobedience. They expect divine results but walk in human ways. Those who walk with Me, who obey My Word shall be strengthened to accomplish eternal goals. I will never forsake them but shall sustain them.


To pray, pray and pray isn't all you need to survive the times. I the Lords I'm not a deaf and dumb God. I am alive, mighty and great. I do hear and I do speak. Whenever you pray I listen and I Speak but you never listen.


Listen and listen good! I know what you need even before you ask of them, but to labor in prayer without listening to what I say won't help you at all. You pray but lack wisdom. Don't you know that I the Lord am the same yesterday, today and forever? And so is My Word. It doesn't change. It doesn't change.


You wanna hear from me but I have revealed myself to you through My Word--the word I told you about your calling, the word I told you about My coming, the word I told you about the ministry and the anointing that is to come upon your life and ministry. What have you done about these revelations?


What you are praying for is what you have already. What you wanna hear from me is what you've heard already because My Word doesn't change. Time is never a factor as far as My Word is concerned. If you wanna move forward with me: just repent! Get back to what I have revealed to you, before.


Don't be ashamed of the losses or set back you may face. Just obey Me and do what I require of you. That trial, that test, that tribulation isn't an obstacle. It's an opportunity for you to be propelled to a higher level, to the place I have for you. Yes, there is a turn around for you; everything is about working out for your good. So don't resist me, rather follow Me and obey My leading. What you called your comfort zone is what is killing you and limiting you to what I have for you. Go live beyond your comfort zone. Go live beyond your nest.


Do you wanna see revival in your nation? Get back to My Word. Do you want My visitation? Get back to My Word. Repent! Repent! Repent! When you stray from the words of knowledge and stop listening to instructions, you certainly invite the spirit of the enemy to put you into confusion and consequently derail and hijack your destiny. Repent! Repent! Repent!


There's a shifting in the atmosphere. I am working for the behalf of those I love to bring about what I have spoken. I the Lord know how to create good from every unpleasant circumstance. I can mend the past, the present and the future. I will turn everything around for your good. Just obey My Word spoken to you.


It's a new beginning. And all what you've been through and will be through are significant portions to the place I am leading you. Don't despise My leading or call them insignificant. Follow My leading, follow My directives, just follow, follow and follow.


But pray for the unity of the church, and for wisdom of those in governments to be wise on conflicts management.


There's a crisis coming upon the earth. This is an economic crisis that would affect all upon the face of the earth but My Church, My House shall prosper in these times. It shall be glorious, it shall move from Glory to Glory even in the midst of these economic challenges. Re-position yourselves and repent! Don't be uprooted, don't be carried away by the floods. Even some of My servants who aren't in their callings shall be carried away because I will only sustain in crisis that which I've spoken; that which I've given birth to.”


  (Excerpt, Prophetic Word, ©  PC Akubueze 2013